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An anonymous donor purchased two large six line bricks to be embedded in the walkway around the new Marine Aviation Memorial Tower in Pensacola, Florida. The bricks will have these inscriptions:

The Marine Aviation Memorial Tower will be dedicated on August 19, 2012 in the Veterans Memorial Park, Pensacola, FL.  The Memorial Park that surrounds the Marine Aviation Memorial Tower is planned to be completed by November 10th, 2012 and will have the two bricks in the walkway.  Information on the tower and park is on the website:
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Reflections by Dick "Stache" Warne, VMO-6 1954 to 1959

MSGT Jack Pittman joined VMO-6 in the winter of '54 in Korea. I was a PFC at the time, Jack was a "Flying Peon" NAP, and ACE with 7 Jap planes to his credit in WWII.

We had HO5S and HTL's flying at the time. We first met on a Sunday in about six inches of snow. His assiged chopper needed a starter replaced. Being a Sunday morning I got the job, and feeling no pain from the night before. To make the story short, he helped to get it going. After his hop, he looked me up and we opened the staff hootch.

When we got back to 24 Area at Pendelton he became my test pilot, even took my two boys, ages 2 and 4, flying with him. Made a hell of a baby sitter. At this time we has two more NAPs, Zoom Adelton and (not sure of the other, but think it was) Don Merath.

One time at a formation I needed an emblem form my cover. Jack had one in his pockted, and officers type, but I made it through the formation ok. Nine years later I pinned the same on one of my covers when I made 2nd Lt. in Nam. Jack retired at his highest rank, Capt. He has 7 kills flying F4s and F6s. 

My friendship with MSGT Pittman lasted to 1961 when he retired. He was later killed in the Grand Canyon flying for the U.S. Forestry a year later. 

MSGT "Zoom" Adelon was killed back in the states testing HOK's at the factory. 

Semper Fi
Dick Warne

USMC image:  "Zoom" Adalan & PFC Dick Warne 1954

Below are pertinent websites and articles on VMO-6 that provide background information and a comprehensive 
overview of the distinguished squadron.  

Semper Fi,
Ed Kufeldt

VMO-6 websites as the result of building the VMO-6 Memorial.  Over 400 pictures of the 17 May 2012 dedication 
ceremony.  Included are pictures and personal memories submitted by squadron members in WWII, Korea, and Vietnam, 
and the memorial commemorative brick program.  and

Facebook on memorial dedication including hundreds of pictures and items submitted by squadron members.

VMO-6 Memorial Dedication article by Ken Kula.

Article in Leatherneck magazine on VMO-6 in Korea, January 2012, written by Warren Thompson.  Excellent 12 picture 
slide show of some squadron helicopters.

PHOTORECON website article and pictures on UH-1N Retirement at Camp Pendleton, CA on 18 March 2011 and 
honoring VMO-6.  In article, 13 minute video of VMO-6 history developed by Larry Wright and his son Wayne. 

A History of Marine Observation Squadron Six (VMO-6).  73 page monograph published in 1982 by the Marine 
Corps History Division.

Marine Corps Aviation: The Early Years 1912-1940.

Whirlybirds:  U.S. Marine Helicopters in Korea.  80 page monograph published in 2006 by the Marine Corps History 
Division.  First half of document is on VMO-6.

Attached 3 page article "Paying Tribute to VMO-6" is a condensed history of VMO-6 published in the Marine Corps Aviation Association magazine Yellowsheet, August 2011.
Iwo Jima Commemoriation Parade and Pow Wow, Gila River Indian Community, Sacaton AZ.  More information will be posted as it becomes available.  This event has taken place for the last several years, hosted by one of our own - Dennis Coochyouma.
Past Event:  VMO-6 and Marine Native Americans to be Honored at the 10th Annual Sky Ball Dallas TX, 25 - 27 October 2012
Submitted by Ed Kufeldt:  Below is the video on VMO-6 and the Marine Corps Aviation Centennial to be shown at Sky Ball, American Airlines Hangar, Dallas, TX on Saturday, October 27th.  The video runs 8 minutes 35 seconds with 6 minutes 15 seconds on VMO-6. The narrative in the video is the result of eight pages of squadron history and facts and a lot of "war stories" that they requested.
RECENT EVENTS:   Annual commemoration of the Iwo Jima flag raising, held at Sacaton, Az., Feb 23, 2013
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More information on the incident referred to at 4:15 to 5:06 in the video can be found at:
      More VMO-6 links:  History of VMO-6Major Steven W. Pless Medal of Honor
19 August 1967 Medal of Honor MissionThe "Bird" Today
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